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President's Message
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Professor Dr. Md. Jalal Uddin Sarder, President of BLS.

Welcome to the Bangladesh Livestock Society (BLS). The Society was structurally formed on 9th June 2012 at Rajshahi University Veterinary Clinic and Artificial Insemination (AI) center seminar hall in presence of Livestock-Poultry stakeholders. The purpose of the society is to maintain contacts with the livestock stake holder, home and abroad, and to exchange ideas and information through communications and congregations; to advise and help the members in their problems and to provide financial, social and moral assistance among the members; to monitor and help promote the standard of education and research in livestock sector with special attention to the livestock crisis moment public influences and arrange a programs and quality of publications; to help foster a global perspective in research activities about climatic changes and prepare farmer for challenging this crisis; to seek collaborations works and exchange knowledge with the institutions/organizations, home and abroad; to arrange workshops for refreshing/updating knowledge and information for the Livestock farmer and awarded ideal person and institution about livestock sector, to provide assistance for short-term training of the young researchers abroad; to provide accommodation to the Alumni when they visit Rajshahi and to arrange seminar talks to be delivered or workshops to be conducted by them; to honor the members for their outstanding contribution; to publish regularly the activities of BLS and communicate the members, home and abroad, in the form of a newsletter, magazine and in website, to coordinate/integrate different advisory and award selection Committees of (Institution/Locality); to orient the executive committee for effective representation in different bodies and organizations, home and abroad.

Now we have built a solid framework for professional growth and are incorporated as a about 650 general members and 13 life members and uncountable will wishers. Membership has grown steadily and we continue to explore new ways to realize our vision for sustained growth.